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Gay couples soon allowed to marry in England and Wales

But one in five Brits would decline wedding invitation

28 March, 17:24
Gay couples soon allowed to marry in England and Wales (ANSA) - London, March 28 - Same-sex marriages will be underway on Friday midnight in England and Wales as new legislation is put into effect. Although the marriage equality law has strong support within Britain, including from Prime Minister David Cameron, it is still the subject of debate.

A BBC survey, conducted by British marketing research consultancy ComRes, found that the majority of Britons are in favor of marriage equality, with approximately one-fifth preferring to decline a same-sex wedding invitation. Of 1,007 people polled, 68% agreed with the recognition of same-sex marriage, while 26% were opposed with 22% saying they would decline a wedding invitation. Of the naysayers, nearly a third were male and 16% were female. The survey also made it clear that younger people, between 18 and 34, are more likely to support equal marriage, with 80% in favor of the new law, compared to 44% recorded among those over 65.

Stonewall, a British organization that works for the rights of the LGBT community, emphasizes the importance of acknowledging that four out of five people would accept an invitation to a same-sex wedding.

Meanwhile, Catholic group 'Catholic Voices' felt that survey findings showed that people remained "deeply uncomfortable" with being honest about their true feelings on the meaning of marriage, according to the BBC.