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Education boosts Italian GDP by 15%, study finds

Equal to 234 billion euros over 10 years, says Confindustria

28 March, 18:27
Education boosts Italian GDP by 15%, study finds (ANSA) - Bari, March 28 - An increase in education levels over the past 10 years in Italy has boosted gross domestic product (GDP) by some 15%, Italy's employers association Confindustria said Friday.

The increase is equivalent to 234 billion euros, or 3,900 euros per inhabitant, Confindustria's research unit said in a new report that was released at the conference "Social and Human Capital: the Strength of the Nation" in Bari. In the study, the confederation's internal think tank estimated that a degree boosts a person's probability of finding work significantly. In fact, the employment levels among university graduates is some 40% above those that just have high school degrees in Italy, according to the report.