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House backs moves to renew and stabilise teacher workforce

Education key to revitalising country, Renzi says

27 March, 13:43
House backs moves to renew and stabilise teacher workforce (ANSA) - Rome, March 27 - The struggling education sector received a major boost on Thursday after Italy's Lower House backed provisions paving the way for a younger and more stable teacher workforce.

Members of the House budget committee gave unanimous approval to a resolution allowing some 4,000 teachers to enter retirement after being blocked by a controversial labour reform requiring them to remain in service at least five more years "In this way we are rectifying a mistake and opening the door to 4,000 young people, including those who currently on temporary contracts, thereby renewing the sector," said the committee deputy president Barbara Saltamartini of the New Centre Right.

The government must now report on how it intends to fund the measure before presenting the 2014 budget.

Also on Thursday the House assembly approved a motion presented by the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) of Premier Matteo Renzi aiming to stabilise the education sector by integrating all temporary qualified teachers into the permanent workforce. Renzi has said education is key to reviving the country as Italy struggles to recovery after its worst post-war recession. Earlier this month Education Minister Stefania Giannini confirmed that the government would spend 3.5 billion euros in its first year on repairing the country's dilapidated schools.

The energetic premier has also pledged to visit a different school each week.