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Govt puts first 25 'blue cars' on eBay for auction

Interior ministry says 151 chauffeured limos to be sold

26 March, 20:07
Govt puts first 25 'blue cars' on eBay for auction (ANSA) - Rome, March 26 - The Italian government said Wednesday that it put the first 25 so-called 'blue cars', its chauffeured-driven limousines, up for auction on eBay with plans to sell 151 by mid-April.

The interior ministry announced the sale on a webpage dedicated to the 'blue car auction' adding that eBay will provide "a mode that uses transparency and publicity" for selling the cars.

In early March, Premier Matteo Renzi announced the plan to cut the fleet of siren-blaring 'blue cars' which regularly irk motorists and pedestrians as they halt traffic around Italy.

The sleek cars have become an embodiment of what voters see as the undeserved privileges of government officials and public-sector managers.

Successive governments have vowed to shrink the fleets but the first real drive began in late 2012 amid widespread voter disenchantment that produced an unexpectedly big anti-establishment vote in the February 2013 general election.