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Salvation a gift says pope

To be received with a humble heart, 'just like Mary'

25 March, 13:36
Salvation a gift says pope (ANSA) - Vatican City, March 25 - Pope Francis said Tuesday salvation cannot be bought or sold but is a gift that requires a humble heart like that of Mary. The qualities needed for salvation were the focus of the pontiff's homily at a Mass in St Martha's residence, marking the Solemnity of the Annunciation. "Salvation cannot be bought or sold: it's a gift. It's given to us, it's free. We can't be saved through ourselves: Salvation is a totally free gift. It's not bought through the blood of bulls or goats: it can't be bought. "But in order to receive this salvation, we need a humble heart, a meek heart, an obedient heart. Like that of Mary. And the model for this road towards salvation is the same God, his Son, who didn't consider being equal to God an advantage which cannot be abandoned". The pope went on to stress the need for a road of humility and humiliation, walking along it in God's presence with "obedience and meekness in our hearts." "Let's look at the road of history with God who walks alongside his people. And let's say: 'Thank you. Thank you Lord because today you told us that you have given us salvation".