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Man attacks wife and son with caustic soda

Son seriously wounded in eye, lip

25 March, 13:58
Man attacks wife and son with caustic soda (ANSA) - Foggia, March 25 - A mentally disturbed man burned his wife and son with caustic soda Tuesday after she asked him for the money to pay the rent and gas bills.

The pensioner, 66, has a history of domestic violence and was sectioned for psychiatric problems in the past.

Tuesday's incident in this Puglia city was the culmination of a string of arguments with his wife, who has asked for a separation, police said.

The man had been forcing the woman and their son to pray for hours to rid themselves of the devils he said had possessed them, police said.

The wife sustained burns to the face and neck while the son was seriously burned in the eye and lip by the soda, which is also known as lye.