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Govt may skip union meetings on civil sector cuts

'Strict deadlines mean its not a given'

25 March, 11:10
Govt may skip union meetings on civil sector cuts (ANSA) - Rome, March 25 - There may be no time for discussions with labor unions over proposed cuts to Italy's civil sector, Simplification Minister Marianna Madia said Tuesday. "It's not certain whether or not there will be meetings, because we're working under very tight deadlines. It could happen, but it's not a given. We've asked the unions to propose alternatives to the plan," she said. The government's spending czar, Carlo Cottarelli, has identified five billion euros he says can be cut from the public sector in the next eight months including thousands of jobs.

But Premier Matteo Renzi has said that is not the final figure, and the government will pick and choose from Cottarelli's list that includes savings on top pensions, bloat in the healthcare sector, unnecessary military outlays and red tape in general.