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Civil-sector job cuts not a cull, says minister

'Early retirements to make room for younger generation'

25 March, 13:28
Civil-sector job cuts not a cull, says minister (ANSA) - Rome, March 25 - The simplification minister on Tuesday said that an estimated 85,000 public-sector workers subject to a spending review will not all be let go, and it is wrong to look at the cuts as a cull of personnel. "The number and the terminology is absolutely mistaken and distorted," said Marianna Madia, specifying that the goal was to incentivize older workers to retire early to make room for younger people entering the workforce. Youth unemployment currently stands at over 40% in Italy.

Spending czar Carlo Cottarelli is looking to cut up to five billion euros from public coffers. He has said 85,000 public-sector workers could be subject to the cut. "It's a rough estimate that should be refined once reforms are put in place during 2014," he said earlier this month.