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'Finmeccanica graft probe could turn up political bribery'

Prosecutors on corruption trail around govt's new SISTRI system

25 March, 17:06
'Finmeccanica graft probe could turn up political bribery' (ANSA) - Naples, March 25 - Naples prosecutors said Tuesday they are seeking evidence of political bribery in their corruption probe surrounding a new government-funded computerized waste tracking system that led to the arrest of two former officials from State-controlled industrial giant Finmeccanica and two businessmen.

Called the Waste Tracking Control System (SISTRI), it was commissioned by the environment ministry for use by a Carabinieri military police division in charge of environmental crimes. Finance police said Monday two former officials from State-controlled defense giant Finmeccanica and two businessmen were arrested as part of a probe into allegations of bribery.

Searches were also being conducted following the house arrest of Lorenzo Borgogni, former director of external relations for Finmeccanica, and Stefano Carlini, former chief operating officer of subsidiary Selex.

Two Rome entrepreneurs, Vincenzo Angeloni and Luigi Malavisi, were also arrested as part of the probe.

Police said they seized 28 bank accounts and two safe boxes and said that former chairman of Finmeccanica, Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, was also under investigation.

The former managers took bribes from secret slush funds, according to prosecutors. They are trying to ascertain whether the money was also used to illicitly fund parties or politicians.