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Squinzi says Confindustria 'loyal supporter' of Renzi

Business leader says media reports of rift exaggerated

24 March, 18:11
Squinzi says Confindustria 'loyal supporter' of Renzi (ANSA) - Milan, March 24 - Business group Confindustria will be "the most loyal supporter" of the policies of the government of Premier Matteo Renzi, the group's President Giorgio Squinzi said Monday. He added that media reports suggesting a rift were exaggerated.

"I can guarantee you now that we will be the most loyal supporters of the government, in anticipation of (Renzi's) reforms and to see them implemented", said Squinzi. Earlier this month, Squinzi said that while Renzi has talked about making important changes, his effectiveness cannot be judged until some of those plans are put into action.

"Undoubtedly, Renzi is a very energetic young person, something like a Formula One engine," Squinzi had said.

"The problem now is to unleash that power to make firm and concrete measures that are going in the right direction," he added.

Since then, Renzi has pledged to deliver more than 12 billion euros in personal and business tax cuts, invest 1.74 billion euros in social housing programs, spend 3.5 billion euros on schools, and repay 68 billion euros in outstanding bills for government services by July.

He has also pledged dramatic changes to Italy's labour market while Squinzi has urged deeper cuts to labour-related taxes.