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Abortion 'begs for God's vengeance' says Italian cardinal

Bagnasco lashes out at gender-equality education and divorce

24 March, 19:29
Abortion 'begs for God's vengeance' says Italian cardinal (ANSA) - Rome, March 24 - Catholic Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage and abortion, on Monday said the way children are treated in the world today begs for "God's vengeance" and that gender equality will turn schools into "re-education camps".

"Today, the child is reduced to fodder for human trafficking, to slavery, to a cruel spectacle or into a weapon of war, when not exposed to abortion or the tragic possibility of euthanasia," the cardinal told the powerful Italian Bishops Conference (CEI), which he presides.

Bagnasco went on to lash out against a new pamphlet titled "Educating for Diversity" aimed at stemming bullying and discrimination in Italy's primary and secondary schools.

The pamphlet uses gender issues to install "an outright dictatorship aimed at flattening diversity," said the cardinal. "It tries to instill in children preconceived notions against the family, against religious faith, against the difference between father and mother". "Do we want our schools to turn into reeducation or indoctrination camps?" he asked rhetorically.

He went on to blame economic hardship and soured relationships between parents and children on divorce.

"The breakdown of conjugal ties is leading to serious and increasing difficulties, in terms of employment as well as housing," the cardinal said.

He cited data from a soon-to-be-released report by Caritas Catholic charity, which shows that 66.1% of separated couples have trouble buying basic goods, and 68% said separating from their spouse made relating to their kids harder. Bagnasco in 2007 sparked an outcry when he compared granting gay rights to legalizing incest.