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500 small-town train stations to be upgraded

'We’re not abandoning you' says CEO of Ferrovia dello Stat

21 March, 16:17
500 small-town train stations to be upgraded (ANSA) - Bologna, March 21 - Some 500 small-town train stations in Italy are going to get an upgrade, authorities said Friday.

More work may follow, said Mauro Moretti, chief executive of Ferrovia dello Stato, Italy's rail service.

"We will focus on appraising another 500 stations in relatively small cities to be able to offer better services to commuters," he said on the sidelines of a Bologna conference, commenting.

The project follows Ferrovia dello Stato's decade-long rehabilitation program for large stations in 13 major cities that received architectural and managerial upgrades.

Another element of that program involved 100 regional stations.

"We are not abandoning the small stations", Moretti added, "but we are trying to make a concerted effort with the towns to loan them out and make them socially useful".