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Mafia-named food 'slap in the face of Italy'

Coldiretti calls for authorities to stop products named for mob

19 March, 15:49
Mafia-named food 'slap in the face of Italy' (ANSA) - Rome, March 19 - Celebrating the mafia through food brands named for mafiosi, such as Al Capone pasta or Don Corleone liqueurs, is not just in bad taste but must be stopped, Italian farm organization Coldiretti said Wednesday.

It also makes Italy look bad on the global stage, the group added as it presented a report on mafia-related food products, brands and recipes - a phenomena that it said should be halted.

Roberto Moncalvo of Coldiretti called for authorities at the European Union and national level to intervene and "end an unbearable outrage, a real slap in the face of Italy on global markets".