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24-hour transport strike jams Italy

Subways sit idle, streets congested from Milan to Naples

19 March, 14:20
24-hour transport strike jams Italy (ANSA) - Rome, March 19 - Streets were jammed with motorists as subways and buses sat idle across Italy Wednesday amid a nationwide 24-hour transport strike. In the north, the Venice area was at a near standstill, with 90% of road transport stopped and 60% of water buses docked, despite guaranteed connections to the main islands. Milan's inner and outer ring roads were more clogged than usual, while many resorted to bikes and walking. Turin alleviated its street congestion by making additional transport available between noon and 3:00 local time.

Meanwhile, the auto-loving capital was tied up in gridlock.

Several major transport lines, including the Metro B and railways, were closed. Other lines were operating with limited frequency. In the south, Naples and its surrounding neighborhoods were experiencing heavy traffic, clogging much of the city center.

Transport unions were protesting a contract they say expired more than seven years ago.