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School repairs to start this summer, education minister says

Giannini confirms pledge to spend 3.5 bn in first year

18 March, 12:51
School repairs to start this summer, education minister says (ANSA) - Rome, March 18 - Education Minister Stefania Giannini confirmed Tuesday that the government would spend 3.5 billion euros in its first year on repairing the country's dilapidated schools, with work expected to start this summer. If all goes to plan, a first batch of renovated schools would be ready for the start of the new school year, she added. Giannini said the education ministry already had 1.2 billion euros of available funds, in addition to money recovered under Italy's internal stability pact for local administrations that aims to reduce public debt. Premier Matteo Renzi announced his fledgling government's intention to spend 3.5 billion euros on schools as part of an ambitious package of proposals presented last Wednesday.

Other measures on the table include slashing income taxes by 10 billion euros, investing 1.74 billion euros in social housing programs and repaying 68 billion euros owed by the public administration for services.