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Pompeii fresco theft 'shameful' says EU culture commissioner

'All citizens robbed of priceless heritage'

18 March, 14:50
Pompeii fresco theft 'shameful' says EU culture commissioner (see related) (ANSA) - Brussels, March 18 - The theft of a portion of a fresco from the world-famous archeological site of Pompeii is a disgrace, EU Culture Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou told ANSA on Tuesday. "I am very saddened by news of the loss of an ancient fresco at Pompeii. Those responsible for such thoughtless vandalism, or as is more likely, outright theft, should be ashamed of themselves", the commissioner said.

"They have robbed all citizens, both Italian and European, of a priceless heritage that belongs to future generations. I hope the police will arrest the guilty and recover the missing piece as soon as possible".

An employee at the world's largest open-air museum told local media that a 20x20 cm portion of the fresco has been missing from the House of Neptune for one week. It depicted the goddess Artemis and her brother Apollo and was stolen by experts, according to police.