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Life term sought for writer who 'acted out murder plot'

Short story linked to 'Basic Instinct killing'

18 March, 15:53
Life term sought for writer who 'acted out murder plot' (ANSA) - Turin, March 18 - An Italian prosecutor on Tuesday sought a life term for an aspiring writer from Turin accused of murdering a prostitute according to the plot of one of his short stories.

Daniel Ughetto Piampaschet, 36, is accused of murdering Nigerian prostitute and ex-girlfriend Anthonia Egbuna, 20, and dumping her body in the Po river in November 2011.

The corpse was found in an advanced state of decay in summer 2012 and an autopsy found she had suffered multiple stab wounds.

Police became suspicious when they found Piampaschet's manuscript for a short story that echoes the circumstances of Egbuna's death.

They think that Piampaschet became obsessively jealous of her clients.

Police say mobile phone records show Piampaschet called Egbuna approximately 1,600 times - the last on the day they think she was murdered.

Italian media have been quick to draw comparisons to the Hollywood movie Basic Instinct, in which actor Sharon Stone's character describes an ice-pick murder in a novel which is then committed in real life, making her the prime suspect.

Piampaschet denies the charges and says Egbuna was killed by her Nigerian pimps after trying to escape sex work.