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Child killed in Mob-linked high-speed triple homicide

Family gunned down on Puglia highway, two kids survive

18 March, 10:32
Child killed in Mob-linked high-speed triple homicide (ANSA) - Taranto, March 18 - Three people including a child and a convicted killer were shot to death late Monday on a highway in the southern Puglia region by a passing car in what police believe was part of a mafia vendetta. The target was believed to be Cosimo Orlando, 43, who was shot behind the wheel beside his partner Carla Maria Fornari, 30, who was holding her four-year-old boy, all of whom were killed. Two more children in the backseat, a six- and seven-year-old, were unharmed. The shooters fired roughly 20 shots into the moving car from a parallel vehicle at close-range, police said. Orlando had recently been paroled after serving 13 years in prison for taking part in the double homicide of Filippo Scarciello and Giancarlo La Cava, 22 and 26 respectively, in 1998.

Prosecutors say those two were killed in a clash of mafia clans in a drug-dealing dispute. Police say the father of the child killed in the shooting, as well as of the two who survived, was Domenico Petruzzelli, an ex-convict killed in a mafia feud in 2011.