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Train conductor finds four-day-old boy under a seat

Healthy newborn hospitalized as police search for parents

17 March, 15:19
Train conductor finds four-day-old boy under a seat (ANSA) - Avellino, March 17 - A train conductor on Sunday found a four-day-old baby boy wrapped in a kitchen towel and a man's flannel pyjama top and placed in a plastic shopping bag under a seat in the last car on the 13:18 train from Naples to the village of Baiano, police said Monday.

The newborn was taken to hospital in the nearby town of Avellino, where a pediatric nurse named him Carmine. He is healthy, weighs almost 2.5 kilos and has been placed on an IV drip, which is a routine procedure, according to doctors.

Tests showed he had been breast-fed soon after birth, doctors said. The driver, who identified himself as Vincenzo P., and his wife are now responsible for registering the little boy with the office of vital statistics under their surname, as per Italian law in cases of finding an abandoned baby. Police are going through surveillance camera tapes in an effort to identify the person who abandoned the baby.

While the little boy's ethnicity is still unclear, he could have inter-racial parents, doctors said. Under Italian law, women can give birth in hospital anonymously and without an obligation to recognize their child.