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London judge turns down fugitive mobster extradition request

Rejection on grounds that 'Italian prisons are inhumane'

17 March, 17:03
London judge turns down fugitive mobster extradition request (ANSA) - London, March 18 - A Westminster Magistrates Court judge on Monday turned down extradition proceedings against a fugitive Italian mobster because he might be subjected to what the judge called inhumane and degrading treatment in Italy's chronically overcrowded prisons.

Domenico Rancadore, 65, was convicted in absentia in 1999 of mafia association in Italy, where he faces seven years in prison.

The mobster fled to London with his wife in 1994. British and Italian police worked together to nab him in August 2013. Judge Howard Riddle said prison conditions in Italy would likely breach the human rights of Rancadore, who suffers from angina, after a similar case involving Somali citizen Hayle Abdi Badre, whose extradition was denied on the same grounds.

The judge set Rancadore free on £20,000 bail on the condition he sign in at Uxbridge police station daily, obey a strict curfew, and wear an electronic ankle bracelet.