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Lawmakers get golden pensions due to longer life expectation

Life expectancy rises with income, Austrian uni study shows

17 March, 19:17
Lawmakers get golden pensions due to longer life expectation (ANSA) - Bolzano, March 17 - Regional council members from Italy's northern autonomous region of Trentino Alto Adige could receive pensions that are 13.6% higher than those of average citizens, a study released by the Green Party said Monday.

Pension payments are based partly on estimated life expectancy and the study by Innsbruck's Austrian University Professor Gottfried Tappeiner found that high-income, university-educated people were projected to live as much as seven years longer than the rest of the population.

When that expectation is applied to Trentino's 130 council members, this means they could receive 13.6% more than the rate used for regular citizens, or a potential difference of 90 million euros, the professor found.

In Italy, MPs and autonomous region representatives receive monthly pension payments ranging from 2,400 euros to 7,200 euros once they turn 65, whether or not they retire.

That means lawmakers who don't retire at 65 may receive both a wage and a pension.

A sparsely populated region bordering on Austria and Switzerland, Trentino Alto Adige is among the most developed and wealthiest regions in Italy and the EU.