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Battered woman posts wounded face to encourage victims

'I'm showing myself for the women who haven't reported attacks'

17 March, 15:28
Battered woman posts wounded face to encourage victims (ANSA) - Grosseto, March 17 - An Italian woman has posted pictures of facial wounds inflicted by her former boyfriend in a bid to encourage others to report such attacks in time.

"I'm showing myself like this for the women who haven't found the courage to report their partners or exes," said Jessica Rossi, a 23-year-old shop assistant from Grosseto assaulted at the weekend, on her Facebook page and other social-media sites.

Rossi was interviewed by Italian TV Sunday night with a bandaged face after suffering a broken nose and heavy bruising.

She urged the victims of domestic violence - a hot-button issue after a wave of so-called 'femicides' - to "speak out in time, rather than suffering in silence".

Rossi, who will require another operation to set her nose, said her ex "almost killed me" after picking her up for what was supposed to be a last meeting.

"I don't know where I would have ended up if I hadn't kept trying to open the car door while it was moving, and he finally let me out," she told RAI Uno news.

The woman managed to post cellphone footage of the initial stage of the attack, when her 21-year-old assailant threatened her life.

He has not yet been arrested.