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Neo-Fascists to welcome Greece's Golden Dawn in Milan

Anti-Fasscists sound alarm

14 March, 15:53
Neo-Fascists to welcome Greece's Golden Dawn in Milan (ANSA) - Milan, March 14 - A group of anti-Fascists were sounding the alarm Friday against a meeting of Italian neo-Fascists CasaPound to honor Greek neo-Fascist party Golden Dawn in a Milan hotel over the weekend. "Milan, which received a gold medal from the State for its role in fighting in the Resistance, is about to be scarred again," said a statement from Rete Antifascista Milanese (Anti-Fascist Network Milan). "And no one is raising a voice of indignation or protest.

We can't stand by and watch this sad spectacle. CasaPound, which has been linked to many armed and bloody confrontations with leftists and minorities in recent years, has unsuccessfully campaigned for seats in parliament in national elections.

Golden Dawn, its more successful counterpart in Greece with seats in parliament, will have two of its members at the meeting in Milan Saturday, devoted to "The Motives for the Greek People".