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Police seize central Rome shops in 'Ndrangheta sweep

Property worth 420 million euros confiscated from mafia gangs

13 March, 12:11
Police seize central Rome shops in 'Ndrangheta sweep (ANSA) - Rome, March 13 - Shops and businesses in central Rome were among assets seized by police on Thursday in an anti-mafia operation targeting the powerful 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate.

Properties, luxury vehicles and financial assets worth 420 million euros belonging to 40 alleged 'Ndrangheta affiliates were seized in Rome and the surrounding Lazio province as well as in Calabria. The Cafe Fiume, near Rome's central Piazza Fiume, and construction companies were among the assets confiscated in the sweep. The seizures were ordered after investigators uncovered substantial differences between the assets held by the suspected 'Ndrangheta members and their declared income.

'Ndrangheta, based in the southern Calabria region, has replaced Sicily's Cosa Nostra as Italy's richest and most powerful mafia, thanks to its domination of the European cocaine trade.

It has invested its drug profits in the legitimate economy of central and northern Italy.