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Napolitano calls for vigilance on workplace deaths

Head of State urges institutions, employers not to lower guard

13 March, 16:25
Napolitano calls for vigilance on workplace deaths (ANSA) - Rome, March 13 - President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano on Thursday urged institutions, employers and workers not to let their guard down concerning workplace deaths and injuries, denouncing the silence that often surrounds the phenomenon in Italy. "The work of contrasting the dramatic phenomenon of workplace deaths and injuries still deserves careful attention from the bodies responsible for ensuring workplace safety, employers and workers themselves," said the head of State who has made the issue a priority during his presidency. "Figures showing a negative trend in workplace accidents must be read with caution due to the excessive number of failed reports and guilty silences, and must in no way lead to a fall in vigilance," said Napolitano. Some 790 people died in the workplace in Italy in 2012 - the last year for which figures are available - according to workers' compensation authority Inail. This represents a 30% drop over 2008.

However the negative trend is partly due to a fall in employment as a result of the economic crisis, sector organisations say.