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Intercom detonated bomb that killed Borsellino, Riina claims

Mafia boss tapped in prison conversation

12 March, 13:54
Intercom detonated bomb that killed Borsellino, Riina claims (ANSA) - Palermo, March 12 - The huge carbomb that killed anti-Mafia prosecutor Paolo Borsellino in July 1992 outside his mother's apartment was detonated by the intercom the magistrate rang to get into the building, according to wiretaps of a prison conversation last November between former Cosa Nostra Mafia boss Toto' Riina and another detainee, boss Alberto Lorusso from the Puglia-based Sacra Corona Unita mafia, published on Wednesday.

The so-called "boss of bosses", who is in jail for crimes including the 1992 slayings of Borsellino and another leading anti-Mafia prosecutor Giovanni Falcone two months earlier, has gloated in tapped prison conversations over past murders and possible future ones.

Prosecutors in Caltanissetta led by Sergio Lari are investigating this latest claim made by Riina which would add a key piece in the puzzle on Borsellino's death.

Mafia turncoats Gaspare Spatuzza and Fabio Tranchina, who have testified on Borsellino's murder, have been unable to tell investigators who detonated the bomb.

Spatuzza however has said he saw a man close to the carbomb the day before the attack, when the vehicle was filled with explosives in a garage near the location of the attack in Palermo, and that he was not a Mafia affiliate but could have been the technician who placed the detonator, Rome daily La Repubblica reported on Wednesday.

The Falcone and Borsellino murders were among the crimes that allegedly induced the State to enter into secret talks with Cosa Nostra two decades ago in a bid to stop attacks after a long campaign of violence that included blowing up judges and prosecutors with carbombs.

The conversations held in November last year between Riina and boss Alberto Lorusso were entered into evidence for an ongoing Palermo trial into the alleged secret negotiations between the State and the Mafia.

(photo: Paolo Borsellino)