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Police arrest mafia boss wounded in ambush over love affair

'Mario Lo Russo shot because he was seeing a prisoner's wife'

11 March, 20:07
Police arrest mafia boss wounded in ambush over love affair (ANSA) - Naples, March 11 - Police on Tuesday arrested the brother of a jailed Camorra mafia boss on weapons charges after he was wounded in an ambush on Saturday night. Mario Lo Russo, brother of Salvatore Lo Russo, the head of a Naples-based Camorra clan, suffered gunshot wounds and his son-in-law Domenico Raffone was shot to death in the ambush. It was organized by the relative of a prisoner who suspected his wife was having an affair with Mario Lo Rosso.

Police on Monday night arrested Fabio Cardillo, 35, the brother-in-law of the woman in question, on suspicion of being the gunman in the ambush.

Also on Monday night, they arrested Luciano Pompeo, 28, and Valerio Nappella, 37, on suspicion of the non-fatal stabbing on Sunday of Giovanni Lista, a relative of Cardillo, carried out to avenge the Saturday night shooting.

Mario Lo Russo managed to leave the scene of the ambush in the alleged shooter's car, and drove himself to hospital. Police nabbed him soon after he was released.

His brother was jailed in 2007, and has reportedly turned State's witness.