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Coney Island's new Thunderbolt, made by Italy's Zamperla

Replaces original wooden roller coaster

11 March, 19:36
Coney Island's new Thunderbolt, made by Italy's Zamperla (ANSA) - New York, March 11 - Italy's Zamperla is designing and manufacturing Coney Island's new Thunderbolt roller coaster, which is slated to begin thrilling the crowds this summer. The original Thunderbolt was wooden, and operated from 1925 until 1982. It was finally demolished in autumn 2000.

It was featured in Woody Allen's 1977 film Annie Hall as the boyhood home of Alvy Singer (Allen's character). Founded in 1966 in the northern Italian city of Vicenza, Zamperla is best known for creating thrill rides and roller coasters worldwide, including other rides at Coney Island, Six Flags, and Disney theme and adventure parks. Unlike its predecessor, the new $10-million Thunderbolt will be made out of steel. Rising to a height of 35 meters, it will spin riders upside down and reach speeds of 90km/h.

It will keep company with the historic Cyclone roller coaster, which dates back to 1927 and was declared a New York City landmark in 1988 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.