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Father of three girls slain by mother returns to Italy

Woman has confessed

10 March, 11:27
Father of three girls slain by mother returns to Italy (ANSA) - Milan, March 10 - The father of three girls stabbed to death by their mother on Sunday has returned from native Albania to Lecco, the town in northern Italy where the family was living.

Baskim Dobrushi on Sunday night flew back from Tirana, where he had travelled on Friday, leaving behind his wife, from whom he was separating, and their daughters aged 13, 10 and four.

Carabinieri police will question him on Monday.

Edlira Dobrusci, 37, also an Albanian national, was arrested on Sunday for stabbing to death her girls.

When police arrived at the scene of the crime, the woman confessed to killing her daughters Simona, Keisi and Sidny.

She was reportedly covered in blood and in a confused state and had to be sedated.

Staff at a local hospital where she was taken for treatment said she had wounds to her neck and wrists which were possibly self-inflicted.

Her husband had reportedly travelled to Albania to tell his family the couple was splitting.