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Camusso says premier 'out of touch' with economic suffering

'Working class' to hold Renzi accountable, says union boss

10 March, 16:41
Camusso says premier 'out of touch' with economic suffering (ANSA) - Bari, March 10 - The head of Italy's largest labor confederation chided the premier on Monday for being "out of touch" with human suffering in the country amid the economic crisis. "Matteo Renzi seems out of touch with the fact that there is a part of the country that has paid a very high price during this crisis," said GCIL chief Susanna Camusso. "Renzi needs to understand that that part of the country is the working class and retirees, who are watching his numerous proclamations". Despite heading the center-left Democratic Party (PD), Matteo Renzi is seen to represent the more moderate wing of his party that is less friendly to unions. Camusso has called on Renzi to pay close attention to the union since his appointment as premier last month. Speaking to popular Italian television host Fabio Fazio on Sunday, Renzi said his government would "listen to everyone," including the unions and powerful industrial confederation Confindustria. "But we'll be the ones to decide," he added. "We know what there is to do, and we'll do it with citizens in mind. He then asked both the unions and industrialists, "what have you achieved in the past 20 years?" referring to the country's economy that had been slowing even before the global economic downturn.