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'Schettino solely responsible for wreck' says Costa probe

Shipwreck captain on trial for multiple manslaughter

10 March, 17:02
'Schettino solely responsible for wreck' says Costa probe (ANSA) - Grosseto, March 10 - Former Costa Cruises CEO Pier Luigi Foschi told a court Monday that an internal company investigation found former captain Francesco Schettino to be solely responsible for the January 13, 2012, Costa Concordia shipwreck off Italy's Giglio island that left 32 people dead.

Schettino has been on trial since July on charges of multiple manslaughter, dereliction of duty and damage to the environment. "The company found the response time on board to be inadequate," Foschi told the court.

Also on Monday, former Costa Cruises managing director Giovanni Onorato testified that a 2008 job evaluation found Schettino had insufficient leadership skills, and was severely lacking "in the ability to communicate information to company management".

"I imagine Schettino was urged at the time to be more transparent when communicating with his crew members and with the company," Onorato told the court.

The Costa Concordia ran aground and capsized just meters off the coast with 4,229 people on board, including 3,200 tourists, when Schettino ordered the ship to sail close to the island to perform a risky salute that led to Italy's worst postwar maritime disaster. Schettino's five co-defendants received sentences of less than three years after a plea-bargain. Schettino has refused to plead, proclaiming his innocence.