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Renzi says criticism 'ridiculous'

'Confidence is growing' he says

07 March, 10:21
Renzi says criticism 'ridiculous' (ANSA) - Rome, March 7 - Italian Premier Matteo Renzi said Friday a wave of criticism that has hit his fledgling government was "ridiculous".

"I don't understand on what grounds they're attacking us since we haven't really started yet." he told La Stampa.

Renzi said confidence in the government was "growing" despite criticism over electoral-law reform, State finances and some undersecretaries with legal problems.

He said he was "ready to talk with anyone" over four undersecretaries he has defended despite their being under investigation on allegations ranging from embezzlement to fiddling expenses. On the EU's criticism of serious imbalances in the economy and risks to fiscal consolidation, he said former economy minister Fabrizio Saccomanni "told us about it, so I don't understand the attacks".