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Milan cop arrested for flipping off traffic violator

Suspected of slashing tires

07 March, 14:17
Milan cop arrested for flipping off traffic violator (ANSA) - Milan, March 7 - A traffic policeman in Milan was put under house arrest Friday for allegedly flipping off and slashing the tires of a woman who was ticketed for parking in a school zone. According to his accuser, the traffic cop had long harassed her for parking her car outside an elementary school to pick up her daughter. On one occasion, he followed her on a bicycle as she drove away and repeated vulgar insults in the presence of her child, according to the arrest warrant. The woman told police she feared for her safety and took refuge in the parking lot of a mechanic. Afterward she reported the officer.

The next morning she said her tires were slashed. Prosecutors say the harassment began as early as 2011.