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Dalai Lama names Italian surgeon 'Unsung Hero of Compassion'

Morselli honored for reconstructive operations around the world

07 March, 18:54
Dalai Lama names Italian surgeon 'Unsung Hero of Compassion' (ANSA) - Milan, March 7 - The Dalai Lama on Friday gave an Italian plastic surgeon the 'Unsung Hero of Compassion 2014' award for his humanitarian efforts to help victims with birth defects or who were permanently scarred. Paolo Morselli, the founder and president of Interethnos Interplast Italy, was handed his award by the the Buddhist monk himself at a ceremony in San Francisco, promoted by the non-profit 'Wisdom Action'. Founded in Bologna in 1988, Morselli's organization has led 62 humanitarian missions and performed over 7,500 surgeries in 19 countries. At the ceremony, the Dalai Lama awarded 50 people from 21 countries deemed "hidden heroes of charity" because they "work silently but with great passion to promote peace and healing".