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Camusso urges gov't to address social, economic issues

Urgent action needed, says head of major union CGIL

07 March, 15:25
Camusso urges gov't to address social, economic issues (ANSA) - Turin, March 7 - Susanna Camusso, the leader of Italy's largest trade union CGIL has publicly urged the government to immediately address the economic and social issues that are plaguing the eurozone's third-largest economy.

Italy has been entrenched in a two-year recession, its longest since the Second World War, and just recently has begun to see the first tentative green shoots of recovery. Premier Matteo Renzi has pledged to introduce reform measures aimed at kick-starting economic growth and lowering unemployment, which is currently at a record high.

"The time at our disposal is not infinite. The crisis has created such deep effects on the social conditions and disarray, which continues to increase", Camusso said at a CGIL congress in the Northern Italian city of Turin. "We cannot lose more time".