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Camusso hopes govt reforms will spur growth

CGIL chief fears measures may only go so far

07 March, 16:42
Camusso hopes govt reforms will spur growth (see related) (ANSA) - Turin, March 7 - The leader of the CGIL trade confederation Susanna Camusso said she hopes the employment and growth-boosting measures the Italian government has announced it will unveil next week will have a practical effect on the eurozone's third largest economy, which is struggling to emerge out of a two-year recession, its longest since World War II.

"We are anxiously waiting for the government's proposals, because they are important and their form could also determine our response", Camusso, who heads Italy's largest union, said in Turin on Friday. "We hope not to be disappointed by a plan that ends up being limited to the sphere of regulations and norms instead of looking at how equality and employment can be created".