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Alleged international coke trafficker arrested in Naples

Police nab fugitive hunted since last July in real-estate office

07 March, 18:05
Alleged international coke trafficker arrested in Naples (ANSA) - Naples, March 7 - An alleged international drug trafficker, a fugitive since last July, was arrested Friday in a real-estate agency office in Naples.

Police said that Gianluca Amirante, 28, had previously escaped during a police blitz that netted 42 suspects involved in such crimes as international drug trafficking, illegal weapons possession, money laundering and fraudulent transfer of assets.

Amirante was arrested at the agency where his wife worked after he allegedly drove up on a scooter stolen last month in a suburb of Naples, said police, adding the accused was carrying false documents.

Investigators allege that he obtained cocaine in Spain, South America and some parts of Italy, and then sold it to dealers around Naples, including low-level members of various criminal gangs.

Police say that Amirante had significant resources including wide network of criminal connections.