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Policewoman saves three children that had fallen in canal

Rescue took place at the Scolmatore canal in Rho, near Milan

06 March, 17:53
Policewoman saves three children that had fallen in canal (ANSA) - Milan, March 6 - Three 12-year old kids were saved by a policewoman after they fell into a canal in the town of Rho, near Milan in Northern Italy on Wednesday afternoon One of the boys fell into the canal whilst playing with his two friends, and the other two slipped into the water as well during their attempts to save him. The 30-year old policewoman was jogging along the banks of the canal and together with a 57-year old passer-by managed to save the three children by getting them to grab hold of a large stick she pointed in their direction and dragging them to safety. Her presence at the scene was essential in terms of ensuring the kids' safety, as some 200 meters from where the children fell into the Scolmatore canal waters, the artificial river goes underground. Two of the children were Italian, whilst the third was of Romanian nationality.