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Peaceful Ukraine solution still possibile, Mogherini says

Putin will evaluate contact group proposal drawn up Thursday

06 March, 20:03
Peaceful Ukraine solution still possibile, Mogherini says (ANSA) - Rome, March 6 - A diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis may still be a possibility, according to Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, who talked of a proposal that was drawn up Thursday suggesting the creation of an international contact group aimed at discussing the crisis with the objective of finding a peaceful solution.

"An agreement has been reached today, on the sidelines of the Libya conference in Rome, to propose the creation of a contact group for the Ukraine", said Mogherini at a press conference.

"Russian Minister Serghei Lavrov is to present the proposal to president (Vladimir) Putin in these hours".

"Should there be a positive outcome, it would pave the way for a possible political solution to the crisis", she added. Mogherini went on to say that the new developments had first started taking hold at the Paris meetings on Wednesday. "Until Monday" the idea of a diplomatic and peaceful way out of the crisis was non-existant, she said adding that "those that promoted this solution were branded idealists".