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Conflict of interest ruled out for industry minister

Guidi has 'relinquished all business positions' says antitrust

06 March, 19:23
Conflict of interest ruled out for industry minister (ANSA) - Rome, March 6 - Italy's antitrust authority on Thursday ruled there was no conflict of interest regarding Industry Minister Federica Guidi. Suspicions had been raised after her appointment to the new government of Premier Matteo Renzi last month given her family's business Ducati Energia Spa, an electrical engineering firm where she served as general manager before joining the government. In its written decision, the antitrust authority underlined that Guidi had stepped down from all of her positions in business. Several of Renzi's appointees have lately been called into question, specifically four of his undersecretaries who are being probed for criminal violations ranging from missing expense reports to abuse of office. The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement of Beppe Grillo has demanded their resignations.