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Pope defends Church's record on child-sex abuse

Perhaps only institution to act with transparency, says Francis

05 March, 10:48
Pope defends Church's record on child-sex abuse (see related story) (ANSA) - Rome, March 5 - Pope Francis defended the Church's record on child-sex-abuse scandals in an interview published by Italian daily Corriere della Sera Wednesday ahead of the first anniversary of his election as pontiff next week.

"The cases of abuse are terrible because they leave very deep wounds," the Argentine pontiff said.

"Benedict XVI was very courageous and he opened a road.

The Church has come a long way. Perhaps more than anyone.

"The statistics about the phenomenon of violence against children are shocking, but they also show clearly that the overwhelming majority of the abuses take place in family or neighbourhood environments. "The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution that has moved with transparency and responsibility. No one else has done more.

"And yet the Church is the only one to be attacked".