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'Chilling' picture from autopsy of son killed by mother

Woman used kitchen knife, scissors, boy took hours to bleed out

05 March, 18:15
'Chilling' picture from autopsy of son killed by mother (ANSA) - Cosenza, March 5 - A "chilling" picture has emerged from the autopsy of an 11-year-old boy killed by his mother in Calabria at the weekend after her husband confessed he had an affair and his lover was pregnant.

Daniela Falcone, 43, first struck a fatal blow to the chest of Carmine De Santis with a kitchen knife, puncturing his lung, before stabbing him in the neck with a pair of scissors, probably to hasten his death, pathologists said.

But the boy took hours to bleed out.

Falcone picked up Carmine from school and drove him into the countryside between Cosenza and Paola before murdering him.

Remains of a panino the boy ate during break were found in his stomach, confirming he was attacked before he had started to digest it. Judicial sources said the ferocity of the attack could mean stiffer charges for the woman, from the town of Rovito near Cosenza, who is critical in hospital after trying to kill herself.

Carmine tried to defend himself from his mother's fury, pathologists said after finding traces of his mother's blood and skin under his nails.

He was strapped into his seat and unable to escape.

"It is a chilling picture," investigators said.

"The crime itself was atrociously cruel, and the boy suffered greatly before dying of his wounds". Falcone waited until Carmine was dead before trying to commit suicide.

She wound a seat-belt around her neck and tried to hang herself and when this did not work she plucked the scissors from her son's neck and stabbed herself in the neck and abdomen.