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Renzi calls election deal 'important step forward'

Senate rules 'secondary', as Upper House to be 'abolished'

04 March, 18:29
Renzi calls election deal 'important step forward' (see related) (ANSA) - Rome, March 4 - Premier Matteo Renzi on Tuesday called am election-reform deal struck with the center-right opposition "an important step forward". Under the deal, only election rules to the House would be changed, as another bill on the docket aims to demote the Senate to a regional council of mayors and local officials, none of whom are elected at the national level.

"Whether or not the Senate has its own election law is secondary, given the Senate (as we know it) will be abolished," said Renzi at a press conference in Tunis, where he is currently on his first foreign visit as premier. Aiming to solidify his reputation as an effective reformer, Renzi has vowed to pass one bill per month.

A new election law would be his first since coming into office last month. "Let's see if we'll have an election law by Friday," he said.