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Italy should take care of Pompeii says EC

'Every collapse a huge defeat' says commissioner Hahn

04 March, 12:58
Italy should take care of Pompeii says EC (ANSA) - Brussels, March 4 - The European Commission on Tuesday urged Italy to take more care of Pompeii after the latest in a series of collapses at the ancient Roman city. "Every collapse is a huge defeat for me. I forcefully ask the Italian authorities to take care of Pompeii because it is an emblematic site not only for Italy but also for the world," said Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

The EU has earmarked more than 100 million euros to help repair and conserve the site near Naples, one of Italy's biggest tourist draws.

Three collapses due to torrential rain on Sunday and Monday added to concern about Pompeii's state.

UNESCO said "everything will collapse unless extraordinary measures are taken".