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Italian talent and creativity will out says Renzi

Italy's Great Beauty can emerge from 'ugliness' says PM

04 March, 11:04
Italian talent and creativity will out says Renzi (ANSA) - Rome, March 4 - Italian "talent and creativity" will help it emerge from its political and economic crisis, Premier Matteo Renzi tweeted Tuesday in reply to Vanity Fair.

The Italian edition of the US magazine asked him how Italy's 'Great Beauty' - a nod to the Paolo Sorrentino film that won the best foreign film Oscar Sunday - can re-emerge from "all the ugliness of the country".

Renzi, Italy's youngest premier, has vowed sweeping reforms to kick start the economy, bring down record unemployment, streamline Italian government and make Italy easier to govern, cut red tape and political costs, and reform a snail-paced justice system to better fight the mafia and attract foreign investment.