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Govt team like 300 Spartans says Renzi

Will fight for reforms 'even if it ends badly' says PM

04 March, 14:23
Govt team like 300 Spartans says Renzi (ANSA) - Rome, March 4 - Premier Matteo Renzi said Tuesday his young and lean government was like the immortal 300 Spartans who saved ancient Greece by fighting to the death at Thermopylae. "300, even if it ends badly," Italy's youngest premier tweeted to Vanity Fair.

The Italian edition of the US magazine asked him if his administration, also Italy's youngest ever, was more like the 2006 hit film 300 about the heroes who held up the apparently invincible Persian hordes of Xerxes long enough for Greece to muster an eventually victorious army, or the 1965 Julie Andrews film The Sound of Music.

Renzi, 39, said his team, which has eight male and eight female ministers with an average age of 47 as well as 43 undersecretaries, was "one of Italy's lightest-ever governments".

He said it would reform Italy or die trying - like the heroic band led by King Leonidas and portrayed by Gerard Butler in the blood-splashed film, who fought the legendary battle at the key mountain pass in central Greece.