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State attorney to open probe on arsenic in Rome water

Consumer groups, citizens press charges

03 March, 14:21
State attorney to open probe on arsenic in Rome water (ANSA) - Rome, March 3 - The State attorney's office in Rome on Monday is expected to open an investigation into high arsenic levels reported in drinking water in northern areas of the Italian capital. Rome prosecutors coordinated by Roberto Cucchiari are expected to appoint an independent panel of experts.

A number of consumers' groups and citizen committees have pressed charges against the city administration for its delay in alerting Romans over high arsenic levels in drinking water.

The city administration told residents late last year not to drink tap water until December 2014 after arsenic levels were found to be over the European Union limit of 10 micrograms per liter in a number of northern districts of Rome. The World Health Organisation says arsenic can cause cancer and the EU set limits on its presence in drinking water in 2001.