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Renzi denies report Italy breaking G7 line on Ukraine

Premier says Rome will stop preparations for Sochi summit

03 March, 17:13
Renzi denies report Italy breaking G7 line on Ukraine (ANSA) - Rome, March 3 - Premier Matteo Renzi on Monday denied reports Italy was opposed to a G7 move to suspend preparations for a G8 summit scheduled in Sochi in protest at Russia's actions in Ukraine. "Don't you follow the government's press releases?," Renzi said via Twitter when asked about the reports.

"That is Italy's position," he added referring to a government statement that said Rome was suspending summit preparations along with its G7 partners. The premier's office subsequently released a fresh statement stressing that "Italy is totally in line with the other western countries on the situation in Ukraine".

Earlier in the day, diplomatic sources were cited as saying Rome was not backing the G7 move, even though the aforementioned statement had said it was.