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Regular maintenance necessary for Pompeii, union says

Otherwise it will continue to crumble

03 March, 18:38
Regular maintenance necessary for Pompeii, union says (see related) (ANSA) - Naples, March 3 - Pompeii will continue to crumble unless regular maintenance work is carried out, a public sector union said Monday after an ancient wall fell down.

Renato Petra, national cultural coordinator of the UGL-Intesa Funzione Pubblica union representing public sector workers, said ''the lack of financial resources'' were to blame as well as mismanagement.

Funds originally allocated for Pompeii, he noted, were used to renovate other sites after they were not employed at the 2,000-year-old archaeological treasure, which has long suffered from neglect.

The collapse of three walls in Pompeii, including one on Monday, following heavy rains has sparked calls for quick action to preserve the UNESCO world heritage site.

Newly appointed Culture Minister Dario Franceschini has summoned a meeting on Tuesday to examine reasons for the recent collapses and to discuss progress on an ambitious renovation plan launched last year with European Union funding.