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Italy's cinema elite chide govt after 'Beauty' Oscar win

Gassman, Veronesi lament dwindling funds for art, culture

03 March, 15:29
Italy's cinema elite chide govt after 'Beauty' Oscar win (see related) (ANSA) - Rome, March 3 - Some of Italy's cinema elite used the country's win at the Oscars to take aim at the government for not investing more in arts and culture on Monday. "The victory of an Italian film at the Oscars should make the government reflect on the almost nothing dedicated to culture," tweeted actor and filmmaker Alessandro Gassman, son of Italian actor Vittorio Gassman. A co-production of Italian Medusa Film, Indigo Film and the French Babe Films, Paolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty brought home the Academy Award for best foreign film on Sunday. Public spending on arts and culture has dwindled in Italy in recent years, with only Greece devoting a smaller percentage of its national budget to the arts out of the entire European Union.

"Tomorrow I want an invitation to (the presidential palace) for a party in honor of Sorrentino. If they don't give a s*** this time either I'll let them have it," tweeted Giovanni Veronesi, a filmmaker and actor. "Italian art and culture are once again on top of the world...What a pleasure".